films & documentaries

We are passionate about films & documentaries.

Human stories that deepen our understanding of our current society and embrace compassion. Stories of our planet and its changing state. Stories of culture and traditions, art and inspiration.

We incubate feature films & long form documentaries globally for theatrical and television audiences.

We aspire to raise awareness and shift human consciousness. If your intent and your art have a mission and need to reach a global audience, we would love to be your partners.

True Stories. Real People. Real Inspirations.

We live in a world of paradox.

We create both: Capitalism and Extreme poverty.

We support projects that bring us light, allow us to reflect and inspire to intervene the course of current models of extreme inequalities, allow us to have the courage to support the voices peace instead of divisive hatred, encourages us to free the spirit and bring about compassion.

Fact or fiction. But heartfelt humanity. We love it.