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team @ Fuse Global Group has been working in the media and technology industry for over 18 years.

Our continued commitment to innovation in media and producing the highest quality of content has allowed us to focus on our ethos of consciousness and positive impact on humanity. Our ideas are created for global audiences to help evolve and entertain themselves, understand the importance of value system and inspire them to be citizens and leaders of harmonious society, greener planet and compassionate world of peace and unity.

We pride ourselves in being experimentalists when it comes to media. Our network includes holdings in several large and small companies globally ranging from studios, television, films, satellite, theatrical, internet properties and social innovation platforms with multi-billion in capital.

Our passion for technology is un-ending. We have supported innovation in technology and embraced products that change lives and impact society to develop spiritually, to bring alive higher level of conscious self.

We welcome innovation since 1989. Participation globally contributing to below:

170+ startups invested globally
52 public companies
390+ feature films and documentary projects

For Press:
No press inquiries please. We do not publish credits / press releases, interviews or engage in public events globally. We respect your work, value your insights and appreciate your support. We would let our projects, their impact on the society and their influence in the community speak for themselves through actions.
We aspire to be unGoogleable.

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